Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Higher Fashion

Greetings on the first day of July, everyone! Today I have some -super- exciting news: in about a week from now...I am going to JAPAN!!! Ahhhhh!! =DDD It will be my first time out of the country and I will be in Japan for a whole month. I am -extremely- excited, and believe me when I say that is an understatement. ^.~

I will actually be posting a link to my new blog that will be focusing on happenings during my stay in Japan. Be sure to look out for it! I am even hoping to do some super exciting posts on this blog as well- ones that focus primarily on Japanese fashion, of course. ^.^ So be on the lookout for 1) new blog link, and 2) posts on here straight from Japan! <3

Well even though it's been a while since my last post, I am going to dive right in with one of my latest Asian inspired outfits!

~Outfit #9!~

This outfit is a bit of "high fashion" inspired mostly by the Korean group 2NE1 because it is both shiny and powerful-- the photo really doesn't do this outfit justice.

I was very pleased to have found so many parts of this outfit for much cheaper than they would have normally been. I had the chance to travel a bit and went to a Guess outlet. Now normally I am not a person that really cares about brand names...but I very admittedly love Guess. Anything of theirs that has metal is soooo shiny and it looks nicer than metals found at Forever 21 and similar stores. The types of metal that I am referring to are on shoes, belts, or jewelry. It's just so beautiful! *.* 

Now in this first photo, I am rocking a classy, daytime look. I dressed up the jeans with a nice blazer and flip-flops that, while appropriate for the summer weather, make a classier statement than Old Navy flip-flops because of the black color and the (shiny) Guess letters across the straps. In addition, I painted my toenails a professional black, which again, adds a bit more class to the outfit. Remember: details are noted. They can be worth your time to make your outfit say precisely what you want it to. =) 


 So how do you take this outfit up a notch? Add some sunglasses! 

These sunglasses are prescription and are Ralph Lauren brand. I got them on sale for $60.00 right before summer stared and I am SO thankful that I did. I have wanted prescription sunglasses my whole glasses-wearing life, hahaha. I really enjoy wearing these in the car-- not only are they useful, but they also give me a nice self-confidence boost. They make me feel cool, stylish, and a little B.A. ;D 

But wait! There's more! To add even MORE flair, I sported my awesomely cute and sparkly Hello Kitty purse! =^.^= Eeeheeheehee. <3

~So shinnnnnyyyy...~

Closeup of Guess Necklace

I love this outfit because not only do I feel professional, I feel comfortably my age and wonderfully different from the standard crowd. It's classy with personality, which I absolutely adore. 

The Breakdown:

Sunglasses: Lenscrafters, prescription, $60.00 on sale
Regular glasses: Lenscrafers, prescription
Necklace: Guess outlet, $15.00
Blazer: Guess outlet, $50.00
Shirt: Unknown
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Flip-flops: Guess outlet, $15.00

If you would like to see additional photos, please visit my Flickr page! -^.^- 

My friends, I hope you have enjoyed this addition of Asian Style, American Life. =) I wish you all the best and hope that when life gets you down, you try your best to smile and give a smile to someone else~

<3 Alyssa