Thursday, March 29, 2012

*Spring has Sprung*

Greetings, fellow Asian enthusiasts! It is wonderful weather outside today. =) I'm sitting on my couch with the windows open in my room, staring out into a sea of wind-blown grass, greener than I've seen in what feels like years. It's very soothing. I like seeing the budding process of all of the plants and trees. They're all just so cute to me, and in my head I'm cheering them on, encouraging them to grow. ^-^ Heeheehee. <3

In honor of the start of actual spring-like weather, two days ago I wore an outfit entirely inspired by this pair of shoes:

Shoes 2

I got them at Payless and I was shocked at how comfortable they were. I have a bad ankle, so I have to be really careful about the heels I wear. I'm going to be honest, there was normal foot pain from wearing heels, but I consider that relatively okay as long as I don't wear them all the time. (You don't want to damage your feet permanently in your (eventual) old age!) Other than that, the heels are great. I wasn't even rushing to take them off when I got back home, so I like them a lot!

So a few days before I found these shoes, I was browsing wholesale websites that specifically sell Korean, Japanese, and Chinese clothing. Check out the links below this paragraph! =D I really wasn't feeling inspired to update my spring wardrobe because honestly, I love winter clothes way too much. So to remedy this, I, of course, looked to Asia for inspiration. After looking through the wholesale websites for a while, I finally decided that I wanted a new pair of shoes in order to put me in the mood for spring clothing.

NOTE: When browsing these websites, you MUST pay attention to the sizes. They will often only offer something in one size and it will be in centimeters (cm), so I recommend using/buying a tape measure to be sure you are not ordering something that is either to small or too big for you.

~Outfit #6!~

So this was my super happy springtime filled outfit of fun! xP Hehe. I must have thrown on five different shirt combos trying to get something to match with the skirt I was wearing. The skirt is super cute, but for some reason it can be hard to match with.
The shirt that I am wearing underneath the zipper military vest is a spaghetti strap shirt; it was slightly chilly outside that day, so I wanted just a little extra layer to keep me warm, especially when sitting in an air conditioned classroom for over an hour. Thus, what I did for practicality actually ended up created a completely unique look. I bought the vest a few years ago, inspired by G-Dragon's look and wardrobe when his Heartbreaker album came out-- everything was very WHITE. I like the vest a lot for its masculine, military flair accompanied by a more feminine cut that hugs the waist nicely. =) To be honest, I don't think the vest was inspired by a specific piece of clothing, but the closest I can find to what may have been it is this white coat: 

G-Dragon Heartbreaker White Coat 1

The Breakdown:
Shoes: Payless, Asian/Spring inspired look, $25.00
Netted Leggings with Bow Designs: A very random accessory store in a mall...don't remember the name (sorry!), about $8.00
Pink Skirt: Forever 21
Flowy, Lacy shirt: Forever 21
White Military Vest: Body Central, G-Dragon inspired
Pearl Bracelets: Forever 21
Sakura (Cherry Blossom)/Pearl Earrings: Forever 21
Glasses: Vogue Brand, bought at Lenscrafters

I had a lot of fun putting together an Asian, spring inspired look. I always tend to gravitate toward winter clothing, so I feel pretty successful when I'm able to find a spring look that still expresses my personality. ^-^

Shoes 3
And to think, all of the inspiration came from this little pair of shoes.

If you would like to see additional photos, please visit my Flickr page. -^.^- And as always, if you have any comments, please feel free to leave them in the box below!

Love deeply, smile sincerely, and appreciate the you that is you-- you are a wonderful creation.

<3 Alyssa

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